One Swell Day

One Swell Day: Eskimeaux

July 23, 2015

Since our first listen through “Broken Necks,” we’ve been loving everything about Brooklyn bedroom pop darling(s) Eskimeaux. Last Wednesday night, they played a captivating show at a packed PhilaMOCA as part of their tour with Mitski and Elvis Depressedly. The show as a whole was a beautiful testimony to the welcoming strength of the DIY community. Eskimeaux’s performance, in particular, brings to life the powerful emotions and thoughts behind their lyrics, through layers of warm guitar and pounding drums. It’s a pleasure to watch it all come together on stage in rich harmonies, quiet whispers, and yearning howls.

While we immensely enjoyed watching from the audience, we wanted to give you an audio and visual idea of what the same night was like from the band’s point of view. During the show, they snapped a heap of adorable pictures on a disposable camera for us and the results are as charming as their bright and honest pop. They also compiled an eclectic mix of songs that currently make up their daily soundtrack. Here is what they had to say about their playlist:

This is a list of songs we listen to often in the car. We only have a CD player, so we have a limited handful of albums that we know every single word to and maybe even have some choreographed dance moves (that are safe to do inside a car…)! These songs drive us crazy with repetition, as well as have gotten us through some very long car rides.

Relive the magic tomorrow when Eskimeaux will be back at PhilaMOCA for night one of OK Fest 2.

  1. A Hug Too Long Eskimeaux 2:33
  2. Crowded Stranger Girlpool 2:00
  3. Blank Space Taylor Swift 3:52
  4. ease elvis depressedly 1:52
  5. Rich Girl Hall & Oates 2:27
  6. Legend Drake 4:02
  7. Chinatown Girlpool 3:28
  8. I Will Mitski 2:55
  9. Private Eyes Hall & Oates 3:39
  10. Leah Roy Orbison 2:42
  11. Square Mitski 3:10
  12. For Free? (Interlude) Kendrick Lamar 2:11
  13. pepsi/coke suicide elvis depressedly 2:33
  14. Christian Brothers Elliott Smith 4:31
  15. Dear Nora Girlpool 1:54
  16. You Make My Dreams Hall & Oates 3:09
  17. Brooklyn Baby Lana Del Rey 5:52
  18. Strawberry Blond Mitski 1:54
  19. Friends Theme Song Jawbreaker Reunion 2:10
  20. The Thunder Answered Back Eskimeaux 5:24

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