EP: Super Bummer – Blushing In The Night

July 7, 2015

Colorado’s favorite New Mexicans, Super Bummer, have an EP that is the antithesis of their name. Their Blushing In The Night EP ripples in sad waves of a slightly surfy, lo-fi pop suited for the heat of the night and the cool of the day. As the mid-tempo EP progress, it lyrically waltzes through the less comprehensible stages of romance and young life with an underlying theme of implored desire. It’s refreshing to hear bright guitar lines usually reserved for the peppiest of indie pop mellowed and molded to sweet, melancholy melodies.

That heartwarming riff and the casual syncopation of the EP’s single and lead track, “Lonely Death Blues,” first drew me in to the collection’s intangible charm. “Buffalo Bride” continued with the same allure in clever, repetitious rhymes, stringing together the song’s verses and paces as they glide into the surging choruses and guitar solos. Slow and steady, “Hair Of The Dog” takes a dark turn with swaying ocean of heartbreak that makes equal sense when shouted and crooned. The group’s southwestern flair shows through most prominently on the EP’s culminating track, “Now That It’s Over,” a bitter farewell in 3/4  time with biting words and pronounced guitar.

For the gloominess and that consumes this EP, its songs ultimately linger with a calming sense of release.  I hope Colorado has more delightful music like this hiding in between its mountains. Blushing In The Night is out now on GROUPHUG.

Favorite Tracks: Lonely Death Blues & Buffalo Bride

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