EP: Naps – You Will Live in a Cool Box

July 14, 2015

Naps are nice to take and even better to listen to, especially on a hot summer’s day. The warm fuzz of lo-fi pop permeates the Florida foursome’s debut EP, You Will Live in a Cool Box. Made of three formerly released singles, a new track, and particularly gentle cover of R.L. Kelly‘s “You’re Not The Only Monster From Hell,” the group’s collection of bedroom pop gems dragged through distortion deal very openly with young love. Repetition of words and phrases amplifies meaning in equal parts with the changing momentum of song sections. These honest, little love tunes come together in different shades of longing to form an amiable blanket of pop that is a little bit twee and certainly powerful. While the whole EP is a pleasant listen, the gritty and softly surging “Ellen Degenerate,” stands out as a personal favorite with that dipping and climbing, angst-filled refrain. You Will Live in a Cool Box is out now and free on Bandcamp. See Naps on tour with Cleats until the end of July. They will be in Philly on July 22nd at Milhouse where you can also buy one of these sweet tees.

Favorite Tracks: Jean Skirt Mystique & Ellen Degenerate

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