Video: The Prettiots’ Tiny Desk Concert

June 15, 2015

While I’d never find fault in Bob Boilen’s music taste, I was surprised to find that he fell as swiftly in love with this NYC trio as I did. The Prettiots sing about things they know: boys, emotions, and pop culture. I first came across the sweet and sassy NYC band doing research before attending this past year’s CMJ Music Marathon. It is nearly impossible to resist the charm of their clever little ukulele ditties as they play out in a refreshingly honest lyrics. This Tiny Desk set shows their inviting simplicity in a raw form that emphasizes the details of the lyrics and quiet backing instrumentation. Like an ` eloquent diary in harmony, The Prettiots music is worth crushing on. If the session isn’t lovely enough, I’ve included another personal favorite below. Their rainbow-fronted Boys (That I Dated In High School)  7″ inch comes out tomorrow via Rough Trade.

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