Video: Aurora – “Running With The Wolves”

June 25, 2015

When I saw Aurora perform at this past year’s CMJ, I made a mental note in bold of this particular song.¬†Live or recorded, it is filled with a swelling passion and power that has the ability to swallow you whole. “Running With The Wolves” is the perfect demonstration of young Aurora Aksnes’ unique, vocal timbre and intensity at stadium filling levels and also in near whispers. Digging into the animalistic nature inherent within us all, the massive pop tune tugs at emotions lyrically and melodically. But, it’s the frenetic energy of the young Norwegian’s live performance that really embraces the haunting atmosphere created between plucked strings and wisps of backing vocals. At CMJ, there was only a small drop from the intensity billowing from the dystopian video above. She conveys the same complete release portrayed in the lyrics of her song as she belts the towering chorus and the chants of the song’s bridge. Her complete immersion allows the listener (and in this case viewer) to experience the soaring sounds at their fullest potential.

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