Tune: Sea Lion – “Ghostlands”

June 16, 2015

Wandering whispers form the haunting new tune from Sweden’s Sea Lion. Linn Osterberg (Sea Lion) softly utters melodies that are gentle and kind. She has previously release two EPs full of the sort of folk music that lends itself to being as transportive as it is honest. “Ghostlands” is the second single off her upcoming debut album Desolate Stars, set for an August release. Following the meandering path of simple melody, the song’s sweeping, gothic tangibility is something you can almost feel and see. Each guitar riff and bass note connect in a dusty web of soothing folk that perfectly compliments the almost chant-like refrain flowing sweetly from Osterberg’s quaint voice. Delicacy and and slow, spectral progression are sure to be cornerstones of Desolate Stars. The new album’s first single, “Room,” is below.

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