Tune: Farao – “Bodies”

June 23, 2015

Farao‘s music is enchanting and ever-evolving. Norwegian musician Kari Jahnsen (Farao) has been wedging into her niche of indie folk pop with intimate tunes swirling in disconcerting affection. Her self-titled debut EP from last year was a understated charmer. The new material she has been releasing as the start of her first full-length, Till It’s All Forgotten, is decidedly fuller. “Bodies,” her second single, clatters with syncopated instrumentation that does not swallow her yearning melody, but rather characterizes it with quirky sense of wonder. While my strongest favorites of her previous material have been the more acoustic songs, this one has left me equally impressed by her emotion-filled folk pop. It appears this will be yet another album not to be overlooked this year.

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