Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper: Soda Eaves – Like Drapes Either Side

June 5, 2015

Sometimes the best way to find lovely albums is to come across them entirely unexpectedly. A friend sent me this lo-fi beauty in a long stream of music exchange and it really stuck out. Like many of the albums I’ve found myself diving into lately, it revolves around quiet introspection manifesting itself in a dream-like state occupied by lingering guitars and listless mind rambles. Soda Eaves is the Melbourne-based solo project of Hot Palms guitarist and poet Jake Core. His only album, Like Drapes Either Side, was released in 2013 and has remained relatively hidden in the web of wonderful music coming from Australia in the past few years. Somewhere between pop, folk, and shoegaze, it has an enchanting sway that sifts through its understated, reverberating glory. A spoken tale of stolen Aboriginal people and trickling sounds of nature infuse the album’s instrumentals, “no one else’ and “a hundred years to the day,” with authenticity and imagination. Amongst the heap of reverb on the rest of the album, Core’s poetic side reveals itself in his placid flow of thoughts that fit appropriately over softly plucked and supercharged guitars. Sit with the album and it will reward you with a continuous reveal of pleasant nuances.

!Bonus Hot Palms tracks below!

Favorite Tracks: On the Beach & Sweet Stores

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