Tune: Redspencer – “Happy Slow Riverbends”

May 11, 2015

On a recent Hype Machine hunt for goodness, I was drawn into the casual beauty of this track but I stayed for the band’s very specific hometown. Redspencer are currently located in Melbourne but they come from the magical town of Glen Innes. I have a few friends from this rural, inland town in New South Wales that describe it to be as mundane as anyone views their tiny hometown. But, Redspencer’s “Happy Slow Riverbends” sounds like Glen Innes on its very best day. The trio “keep it movin’/ like its gone out of style/ straight down the motorway” and probably around a few of those “happy slow riverbends,” brightened by a bouncy bassline and floating melody. Amid their nonchalant day of cruising, the band balance a tingle and jangle combo of tambourine and guitars that mimics the sounds of the latter 90’s. An old song given a brilliant new life thanks to new audio, “Happy Slow Riverbends” is the first single off of Redspencer’s debut EP, due out in June via Deaf Ambitions. There is no better way to start off your summer playlist.


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