Tune: L UD O – “Blood Pumps”

May 6, 2015

Rhythmic undertones drive the latest post-punk/indie rock treasure from Brighton’s L UD O. L UD O, otherwise known as Helly Jane, has a Soundcloud page full of these feisty little numbers but “Blood Pumps” is definitely my favorite. The combined pulses of the bass line and jangling guitar riff zap the melancholy melody with a biting energy that burst into the droning chorus with flashes of cymbal. Listening through the song on several repeats and the rest of her material, I get the idea that she creatively operates under a “no rules, just right” sort of attitude. Her carefully arranged music shines with sincerity and ingenuity, forming into a whole quirky, engaging collection with a post-punk heartbeat. Listen to more L UD O below.

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