Tune: Cheers Elephant – “Airliner”

May 24, 2015

When I first heard this new single from Cheers Elephant, I knew I had heard it before. Sure, I’d heard them play it a few times during more recent shows. But, I think the previous statement could be true for any new Cheers Elephant material. Their indie rock/power pop combo is filled with a sunny approachability and addictive charm that makes you feel a part of their hand-clap-loving, musical family. “Airliner” spills over the brim with that cheerful memorability, particularly in that sing-a-long chorus. Despite their move to California, they always seem to maintain a distinctly Philly feel in their song construction and, in “Airliner,” a direct shout out to their home city. Let the syncopated beat of this bright tune put the swing in your step while we all impatiently wait for more from the Philadelphia, California boys.

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