EP: Thin Lips – Divorce Year

May 9, 2015

Long after their first demos surfaced, Thin Lips have released a cracker of an EP. Sure, they are made up of former members of Dangerous Ponies and have set off on a tour with Philly punk favorites Hop Along, but they represent an honest, riff-happy, new entity on the rise to being just as great as its components and friends. Divorce Year says a lot in less than slightly less than 10 minutes. Most obviously heard in the nerve-rattled screams of Chrissy Tashjian, the EP searches for answers to turn the desperation of life’s endings into hopeful, new beginnings. Each track matches a charming cadence from the rhythm section of Kyle Pulley on bass and Michael Tashjian on drums to a raging yet melodious set of riffs on guitar. The frenetic “Gemini Moon” rips through a guitar line that fits in between the surge of Tashjian’s voice, charging forward with determination. “Divorce Year” balances a heavy, sludgey guitar with a melody that transitions from floating and delicate to crushing. Syncopation and a particularly catchy, cascading verse arrangement suitably compliment the triumphant chorus of “Non-Monogamy Nightmare.” But, it’s the EP’s single that perhaps shows the most promise of the bunch. Transient in sound and feeling, “Nothing Weird” moves hastily with a nervous but progressive attitude, recalling the enduring struggle of letting someone go. Divorce Year marks the start of what is sure to be a promising musical journey for Thin Lips. So, get your paws on a cassette or a pay-what-you-wish, digital download posthaste. Come hang out with us, Clique, Hop Along, and Thin Lips tonight at Union Transfer!

Favorite Track: Non-Monogamy Nightmare

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