EP: The Guests – Red Scare ’15

May 10, 2015

Hidden Philly gem, The Guests, have just released a fantastic new EP that is not to be overlooked. While their internet presence is kept to music streaming services and (formerly) Facebook takeovers, The Guests are no stranger to excellent music. Sharing two members with Philly punk shredders Sheer Mag, the group’s musical prowess shines through on the quality of their newest release.

Red Scare ’15 showcases The Guests’ sonically lofty pop with gothic and new wave roots that combine to form a dark-tinged, jangly flow of defined instrumentation. Between blatant communistic references, the collection of tunes boasts droningly addictive choruses and prominent basslines that hold together the bright guitar lines and melodies.”The Doldrums” is the ideal spacey opener, breathing as much life as possible into a song about stagnation. Standing firm on a beckoning request, “Third Coming” charms in harmonious repetition and sparkling riffs. The synth stylings of Ronnie Stone textures the latter half of the EP on, arguably, the airiest two tracks: “Sick Of It All” and “Pripega.” Red Scare ’15 proves The Guests are worth “joining” on their quest to jangle pop greatness.

Favorite Track: The Doldrums

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