Video: Peluché – “Sin”

April 24, 2015

Harmonized, artful, girl groups will always have a special place in my heart. London’s Peluché are currently fill that need with buoyancy and eclectic instrumentation. The trio of ladies wind their latest single, “Sin,” around a lilting clarinet and a smooth cadence of samples. Spirited, intriguing, and contemplative pop, “Sin”s most engaging qualities are complimented by its accompanying video clip. Director Thomas James and Black Feet Productions put together an otherworldly video inspired, much like the lyrics of the song, by hard times and imagination. A young girl in rabbit ears (made more haunting by the repetition of “honey bunny”) seeks to find peace from her miserable home life in the limitless world of her own mind to an often gory end. And what good clip doesn’t include at least one shot of the band members covered in blood? “Sin” is out now on RIP Records. Listen again below.

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