Video: Liza Anne – “Take It Back”

April 28, 2015

“Take It Back” searches for a solution in a web of yearning indie folk. The crisp track comes from Nashville’s Liza Anne. It very obviously nods to the melancholy melodies of modern folk staple Daughter with an added rush of adrenaline and urgency. Without loosing the emotional delicacy of the genre, Liza Odachowski strongly emphasizes her question of romantic reconciliation in pounding drums and driving guitar. Though we all wish sometimes we could pretend rough endings never really began in the first place, she lyrically realizes her own pain by dreaming of the possibility of such a remedy for heartbreak. Spotlighted in a dimly lit, confetti-covered gymnasium, Liza and her band spend the entirety of the clip releasing tension in a live performance that echoes the raw emotion of the song. Her latest album TWO is out on May 19th.

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