Tune: Two Sheds – “Get It Out”

April 20, 2015

This is probably the best a lovers’ spat has sounded. California’s Two Sheds really nail the emotional journey a fight in a close relationship takes in “Get It Out.” Each verse digs deeper as the song burns and builds with a passion that is never understated. Overdriven guitars and the chorus line from which the title is taken really grab hold and sink in between verses, further progressing the ascension to relief. By the end, all the tension that swims through the vivid lyrics seems to subside into a soothing pool of resolution. I imagine the intensity of the song comes from the group’s husband and wife using music as their own place to vent. When they do it as artfully as they have in “Get It Out,” it turns an otherwise unpleasant moment into something of beauty and a really good song.

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