Tune: Peppermint Cloud Club – “Young Lovers”

April 22, 2015

Peppermint Cloud Club‘s “Young Lovers” is a succulent slow jam. ThePerth-based group is the solo project of Chris Chen that comes to life on stage as a four piece with the help of a few friends. Taking things nice and easy on “Young Lovers,” Chen creates in a fresh, dreamy blend of synth pop and a bit of R&B that echoes into a smooth oblivion. Chen grips tightly to the promise of a particular young love in the sensuous, synth-filled jam. Its spellbinding power honestly doesn’t really sink in until the third or fourth listen. But, when it does, it won’t let go. Waiting for unrequited love to return to a fully blossoming romance is painful but remarkably less so when the sounds beneath it are as effortlessly cool as “Young Lovers.” Listen to more Peppermint Cloud Club below.

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