Tune: OY – “So So”

April 2, 2015

FatCat Demos has finding some excellent hidden gems recently of which OY is my new favorite. According to the Soundcloud link above, “OY is a two piece band, Viktor Hansson (also of Holy Family, Mulekid) and Erik Berntsson(also of Holy Family, Slowgold), from Gothenburg Sweden.” Other than their Bandcamp, they have no other presence online. But, their spacey R&B/pop mix speaks for itself in glitches, distortion, and intentional voids. “So So,” like all of their former releases, borders on cacophonous but never crosses that line. Clamoring percussion and engraining synth lines echo in various forms underneath the yearning vocals nearly screaming thoughts of regret. Rhythmically progressing with fervor and uncertainty, “So So’ is quite an intriguing listen that leaves you wondering what else they can do with the same sorts of sounds.  More OY for your ears below.

We make the kind of music that The Toecutter from Mad Max would listen to on his day off.

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