Tune: Machine Age – “Chivalry”

April 23, 2015

Some of Australia’s most talented musicians have lately been coming to the forefront from the most obvious of hiding places: bands of other artists. Machine Age is the perfect example. Brisbane’s Adrian Mauro (Machine Age) has contributed production and instrumentation to tracks from artists including Big Scary, Banff, and Heath Cullen. But as it turns out, he’s got his own things to say in a beautiful way. His debut single “Chivalry” floats between folk and electronic music, maintaining the integrity of both genres. It has a subtle heartbeat made of syncopated guitar strums, pulsating synths, and a tiny bit of drum machine. Rising in converging musical and romantic epiphanies, the tender melody glides with grace through heartbreak, chivalry, and resolution. Sputtering electronic samples gracefully fill in the song’s warm folk base as it progresses to an invigorating climax and a thoughtful conclusion. “Chivalry” is out now on a new Melbourne label worth keeping an eye called We Are Golden. Maybe someday he will make it over to the states so we can see him put together his magnificent one man show for ourselves.

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