Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper: Shiloh – “Bang For Your Buck”

April 10, 2015

This Shiloh song never disappoints. I did a lot of research for this past CMJ and at some point came across “Bang For Your Buck,” the opening track on Chicago indie rocker’s Last Time For Everything. There really is something epic about it. Like any good angsty, teen anthem, it tackles the identity crisis of youth in mixed metaphors, overdriven guitars, some ‘oo’s, and a perfectly timed ascension. Equal parts triumphant and rugged, it’s the ideal end to any house party or drive home from a particularly good night. From time to time, I come back to it’s understated glory and thought it ought to be shared.

At CMJ, I went out of my way to the mystical Lit Lounge for their one and only showcase at the festival. While the show was loud and fun, I’m sad to report that they never played this song. I’m still waiting to hear it. So, when they make it around to Philadelphia next, I’ll be sure to yell between each song until it gets played. Revel in its gritty beauty below.

More bang for your buck but the kids don’t give a fuck
It’s just catching trains and hair cuts
Missing things or stomach pains
Did you think your shoes would fit like they always did?
Now you’re driving around
Staying at your parents house
And you’re calling me up saying,
“All that I love, All that I trust, All that I was and who I’ve become,
Brings me fear.”
Now we’re counting on couches
In the living room of some shitty apartment
Did you think your shoes would fit like they always did?
Some kind of golden day and you went and threw it away
Spent all your time feeling fine
And now you’re not even okay
And I can’t believe anything I see
Cause All that I was and who i’ll become brings me fear

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