Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper: A Double Dose Of Daddy Issues

April 7, 2015

Tonight, I uncovered a heap of Daddy Issues. And by that, I mean two awesome bands of girls making irresistible lo-fi pop.

Above you hear Daddy Issues: two Jennas and Emily from Nashville. They dig into grungy, garage pop on “Ugly When I Cry,” one of only two released singles. Droning guitar and bass swarm distorted angsty vocals for an undeniable 90’s sound with grit and heart. Sad girls rejoice.

DADDY ISSUES, the Greensboro-based four piece you hear below, are on the lighter and more crass side of garage pop. Filled with honest tales of real young love, their recent Double Loss EP simmers with sass and the inviting charm of lighthearted melodies combined with persuasive declarations. It’s a bit surf, a little punk, and a pile of wonderful.

Great news bears: They are playing here in Philly with fellow Negative Fun garage pop girls The Pretty Greens at Everybody Hits on May 28th.

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