Video: William Forrest – “Wytch House”

March 5, 2015

William Forrest makes an undefinable kind of rock that burns slowly into darkness. The band of two brothers and two non-brothers from Indiana, Pennsylvania mix a number of genres into their fuzzy, brooding music. Intriguing on first listen and consuming upon repetitions, their latest single, “Wytch House”s transfixing power lies in the slow and careful progression of its distorted layers. Texturized with pattering percussion and syncopated sections of saxophone, the song ruminates on a reoccurring guitar riff that appears between powerful choruses wailed in the raspy tone of lead singer Brendan Cope’s voice. Directed and filmed by the band’s keyboardist/saxophonist, Patrick Gregg, the shadowy clip for “Wytch House” flits through abstract film overlaid on Brendan to create the same sense of isolation present in the song. Adjusting the perspective, coloration, arrangement, and duration of each shot allows the video to flow smoothly through a subtle narrative fused together by the darkness of the melody in the background.

William Forrest’s album Matches will be out on March 31st. Get “Wytch House” and a second track, “Alleykat,” instantly when you preorder the album on their bandcamp.

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