Video: Angharad Drake – “Swing”

March 27, 2015

Sweet Angharad Drake has a beautiful gift for capturing the duality of the opposing highs and lows of love in a refreshingly simple, folk tune. I’ve already sung my praises of fellow Brisbane folk singer O’ Little Sister and Drake is right up there with her. This song is possibly my favorite from her EP of the same name released last year. Delicate and unembellished, “Swing” captures that unavoidable feeling of desperate longing at the best and worst parts of a relationship. Softly shifting acoustic riffs brighten the pain inherent in the lyrics woven into a cheery melody.

Another lush video clip from Brisbane filmmaker Danny McShane finds Drake channeling her inner Joni Mitchell among a field of poppies with her trusty dulcimer, walking along the beach with seagulls, and standing alone amongst a waterfall and a forest.  Shot on Kodak 50D Super 8mm film, the video’s rough edges and blurred picture only enhance the dream-like qualities of Drake and her intimate tune. Feel all the love from Drake’s EP below.

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