Tune: Twiin – “Sleepover”

March 13, 2015

Twiin is the kind of band that would be more than welcome on a Philly house show lineup. Fitting somewhere between garage, surf, and punk rock, the four piece make the kind of music that is meant to be played really loud with all the chaotic intensity one can muster. Smashing a crass set of lyrics with a humming bassline, Twiin raucously rip through their first single, “Sleepover,” in just over two and half minutes. Their walls of noisy guitar swap seamlessly for the anticipatory staccato of the verses and the slight tempo decrease of the third chorus in the build up to the song’s unrestrained ending. I hope we hear more from these guys (and gal) soon. Thanks to our friend Mike (who recorded and mixed the song) for the unintentional introduction as well!

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