Tune: The Yetis – “Mysterion”

March 11, 2015

The Yetis have whipped up another hip-swaying hit called “Mysterion.” We have been absolutely loving The Yetis retro pop sensibilities since their first official singles came out at the end of last summer. Young in age and old in sound, Christian, Stefan, Patrick, and Nick have amassed a swoon-worthy collection of pop songs that hold tightly to the traditional pop formula enlivened by their youthful exuberance. “Mysterion” is a polished addition to that group. Under the crisp production of Kyle Slick Johnson, each line of its instrumentation assumes a unique tone that accentuating its presence while fitting snuggly into the song as a whole, really lifting the song to the next level. Like much of The Yetis’ music, “Mysterion” is a short and not-so-illusory ode to a particularly dreamy girl with a chorus that will dig into your soul and make you never want to meet that girl they’ve been pining over. Hear more of The Yetis below.

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