Tunes: Seratones – “Chokin’ On Your Spit” & “Don’t Need It”

March 24, 2015

Reading highlights of SXSW has led me to believe I should have been loving this Shreveport quartet long ago. Seratones, one of Fat Possum‘s most recent signings, specialize in southern garage rock with lots of dirt and grit but no grime. Frontwoman A.J. Haynes howls, wails, and flutters overtop bass grooves and shredding guitar on the group’s pair of released songs. Short and biting, “Choking On Your Spit” is a rambunctious ripper of a track that acts as the perfect introduction to their full-on sound. “Don’t Need It” struts saucily, splicing bits of psychedelic guitar in between massive choruses. They have got some unique textures mixed in with some standard elements that never fail to please. With the energy pumping from these recorded versions, it’s clear they’d put on a live performance worth seeing many times over.

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