Tune: R.LUM.R – “Show Me”

March 9, 2015

R.LUM.R is the explosive new musical project of Orlando musician Reggie Williams. I met Reggie while we were both working at the CMJ Marathon in 2013. He was then also touring as a singer/songwriter, specializing in pop with a decided jazz flair (Listen below). “Show Me” is the first taste of a different kind of music for him. Though structurally based in pop, the song explores electronic, R&B, and dance elements. Entering quietly on arpeggiated “doo”s, it flows along smooth production from EthniKids as Reggie’s seductive voice effortlessly transitions from smoky falsetto to a powerful refrain. “Show Me” is filled with little bits to grab onto: the echo of the original “doo” vocals in synths behind the chorus, cascading verses with punchy beats, or even the tinkering synth extensions of the pre-chorus. It’s hard to keep the song from sinking into your musical memory, even on the first listen.

Beyond being a multi-talented musician, Reggie is a generally wonderful human. His kindness, friendliness, and undying dedication to music and the countless people he meets through being a musician only make him all the more deserving of the praise and attention this new single will surely gain him.

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