Tune: Petite League – “Kanyakumari”

March 3, 2015

It’s exciting to see Syracuse’s Lorenzo Cook expanding into surfy, garage rock. Connoisseurs of bedroom pop may already recognize Cook from the charming, homemade pop of his other musical project, Spark Alaska. In Petite League, the same dreamy, little tales swim amongst distant, sunny guitar riffs and a hastened tempo kept in check by loads of ride cymbal. Cook’s distorted voice feels right at home over the short, crunchy tunes that effervesce with brightness and nonchalance. Named after a town in India, “Kanyakumari” hides cook desperation and longing under tinkling xylophone waves of warm guitar. It is definitely still the beginning of Petite League, but quite a promising one. “Kanyakumari”‘s A-side, “Leaf Surfer,” is below as well as an early track from last year called “Surviving October.”

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