Tune: Fruit Bomb – “Normcore Girlfriend”

March 31, 2015

Fruit Bomb is making garage punk that is both loud and genuine. A raucous group comprised of Nai Harvest‘s Ben Thompson and housemates/other mates, Fruit Bomb is off to a promising and exuberant start with”Normcore Girlfriend.” Blasting walls of bold guitar surge through the persistent, yelled chorus of longing and trepidation: “I haven’t got a plan, I’m doing all I can, to try and get close to you, but I just can’t talk to you.” It’s a simple song that hammers its point quite clearly through pointed guitar lines and engaging repetition in less than two and a half minutes. I can imagine their live show would be buckets of sweaty fun. “Normcore Girlfriend” is part of the forthcoming four way Family Portrait Pt. II split between Living Hour, Bruising, Fruit Bomb and Abattoir Blues to be released on black/white marble effect 12″ April 27th on Art is Hard Records.

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