Tune: Dianas – “1000 Years”

March 19, 2015

Where have Dianas been all my Australian music-loving life? Apparently, they have been in Perth! I just came across their most recent single “1000 Years” today and it’s a veritable torrent of splintering guitar lines and driving percussion. A dark bassline and tinkering guitar line weave together and drift apart as the etherial harmonies of Caitlin Moloney and Nathalie Pavlovic float in echoes above. Flowing swiftly along the drumming of John Lekias (Doctopus forever!), “1000 Years” dwells blissfully between dream pop and indie rock. Thankfully, it also contains no Vanessa Carlton references. Dianas are the kind of effortlessly cool girl band that make whispers match blistering guitar and a band I certainly hope to hear more from very soon. Hear more Dianas below.

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