EP: Soft Fangs – Soft Fangs

March 25, 2015

Soft Fangs‘ swirling, self-titled debut EP is a melancholic daydream. John Lutkevich, formerly of The Devil and a Penny, crafted this lo-fi gem of an EP in his parents attic upon returning to the east coast from some time in LA. While distinctly lo-fi, its roughly polished exterior only enhances the careful instrumentation and insightful lyrics underneath. Swaying gently on softly plucked guitar and pattering drums, the EP as a whole swells into an inviting atmosphere made of curious observation and pensive repetition. The collection is guided by a sort of hopeful light at the end of the tunnel from the self-aware shiner, “Point of View,” to the delicate, 4-track, cozy culmination, “Dead Friends.” A pleasing listen at both a surface level and deeper, Soft Fangs self-titled EP is out originally on cassette via Seagreen Records and now on cassette and vinyl via Disposable America.

Favorite Tracks: Point of View & Dog Park

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