March 16, 2015

LOVEBYRD‘s new self-titled EP is a sunny, psychedelic feast with all the fixins. I had heard and fallen in love with “Shot From The Sun” awhile back. But, it wasn’t until today that I was able to really sink my teeth into this fantastic EP. A lot of really great psychedelic music has been coming from Germany over the past few years and these wistful tunes from LOVEBYRD are no exception. Yearning vocals slip and slide through billowing layers of warbling guitar to create expansive psychedelic soundscapes that beckon with radiating warmth. Reflecting much of the 60’s psychedelic themes, each track explores a lush landscape of instrumentation, circulating around a distant melody that drifts from voice to guitar and back again. “Shot From The Sun,” the poppiest of the bunch, balances the collection’s most straightforward melody and protruding riffs with a rollicking freeform solo. Inversely, the culminating track, “Prologue & Leave Me Blind,” gracefully wades through the murky, reverb-saturated waters of an indistinguishable wash of pleasant sound. As the vocals linger listlessly in ‘na’s, it almost begins to sound a bit like a very modern and heavy version of Oasis at their most psychedelic. The LOVEBYRD EP is out now on Ongakubaka Records and I can’t wait for more from this duo.

Favorite Tracks: Shot From The Sun & Spinning Around

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