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Digging Deeper: Nice Legs//Henry Demos//Lewtrakimou

March 23, 2015

South Korea’s Nice Legs have got a bright, bubbly sound all their own and two members who have put out an otherworldly split.

Today was the day I fell in love with Nice Legs. Their debut EP, Lullaby Land, is an immaculate amalgamation of weird and wonderful pop that will leave you reeling in romantic haze. Each song has an individual charm that stems directly from the candy-coated vocals of Lauren E. Walker and warm, droning guitar Mark Lentz. Seeing as the delectable Lullaby Land came out almost a year ago, I was immediately hoping for more. In a weird turn of events all due to the magic of the world wide web, my wish was instantaneously granted with a slight twist.

A long collection of short songs, I Was Trying To Get There But It Was Hard To See From The Balloon is a magical split between two members of Nice Legs and was just released last week. United in quirky snippets of sound that wander far across the line of conventional songwriting, it’s a rough dissection of Nice Legs as a band that seeks out the wonder of darkness and light. While the lyrics remain largely unintelligible, the soothing sounds of guitars, synths, drums, and little tinkerings of auxiliary instruments here and there tell their own sweet stories with a gentle touch. Soaked in reverb, Henry Demos (Mark Lentz) uses the first half to create expansive guitar melodies with glowing riffs and his own amiable vocals. On the B-side, Lewtrakimou (Lauren E. Walker) experiments with a variety of sounds from rhythmic repetition to thickly, layered harmonized doo-wop of the 1940s, squeezing all kinds of grandeur out of her high register. I Was Trying To Get There But It Was Hard To See From The Balloon is out now on the UK label Fox Food Records.

Favorite Tracks: End, Electric Duck, & Oh, It’s Amazing

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