Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper: Japanese Indie Pop/Rock Binge

March 19, 2015

Our dear music blogging friend Musical Moses reposted a song from Osaka’s Boyfriend’s Dead this morning that sent me gleefully down the Soundcloud rabbit hole of Japanese indie rock and pop.

Sometimes, I forget about countries that are not normally known for the pop and rock genres I gravitate towards. But today, Japan got all my attention. I found a lot of nice things that run the gamut of both pop and rock.What is lost in translation is given back in musical delight. Above and below are just a sampling of the gems I discovered in my exploration. Fantastic dream pop, shoegaze, folk pop, R&B-tinged rock, and classic indie rock are coming from all over Japan through small artists and labels that deserve as much recognition as our US, UK, Australian, and European friends already do. So, have a taste of what Japan has to offer. I think you’ll be coming back for more. (The last song is technically not from Japan but it is a wonderful song from a Japanese artist!)


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