Video: The Yetis – “Little Surfer Girl”

February 11, 2015

According to The Yetis, “Surfin’s not the same out in the snow.” But, they sure make it look just as fun in the new video for their single “Little Surfer Girl.” Their surf pop has been making waves since they released this song back in September. They wrote this song on a very cold, winter day so it only makes sense that they keep the theme going. Frolicking in the snow on a frigid day and galavanting though the sand on a summer day, the video shows the same carefree, youthful exuberance that shines in their live performance and jaunty, little ditties. We’ll be keeping our eyes (and ears) on The Yetis over the next few months and you should too.


(For black turtlenecks)

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