Video: Marika Hackman – “Animal Fear”

February 2, 2015

Like all of the young, London, folk-pop songstress’s work, Marika Hackman‘s video for “Animal Fear” is an engrossing piece of understated art. The track itself is equally haunting and catchy, enveloping Hackman’s mellowed vocals in a slightly more lively range of accompaniment then ever before. In what appears to be a simple lo-fi version of Hackman and band playing the song in a dimly lit room, she¬†succumbs to a transformation that sweeps over her as subtly as the song progresses. Spattering blood and dragging feet indicate that she has become the being evolving in the lyrics of the song, leaving a haunting version of her former self and two less bandmates. Hackman’s long awaited We Sleep At Last will be out February 16th.

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