Video: Ella Thompson – “Arcade”

February 28, 2015

Ella Thompson‘s first single from her debut album is big and bold synth pop anthem with a distinctive, fuzzy clip to match. As a member of celestial, funk pop duo GL and Melbourne supergroup Dorsal Fins, Thompson is no stranger to expertly crafted tunes that are well received by fans and critics alike. Her latest solo effort, “Arcade,” maintains the same level of craftsmanship packaged into stunning, synth pop anthem. Thompson’s powerful voice soars over a cavernous mesh of synths and beats that crack with intensity at just the right moments. In the distorted clip filmed by Jason Galea and Michael Avery, Thompson is silhouetted in various shades and shapes that layer atop one another, melding into a transfixing collage. Her debut album, Janus, will be out later this year.

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