Video: Cayetana – “Scott Get The Van, I’m Moving”

February 10, 2015

Who wouldn’t want to watch Cayetana smash things? Philly punk trio Cayetana have had a ripper of a year. They signed to Tiny Engines, released their debut album, Nervous Like Me, to critical and fan praise, and now they are recklessly obliterating things in an abandoned building. Nothing pairs better with the frenetic tension of Augusta’s wavering vocals and Allegra’s surging bass than a very obvious ‘TURD’ pin and some general galavanting. “Scott Get The Van, I’m Moving” and its brand new video (directed by Adam Peditto) showcase the band’s ability to channel the uncertainty of early adulthood into raucous, sing-a-long punk rock anthems, embodying the release of the youthful angst within us all.  The only problem I have with this video is that Scott never gets the van. Continue your audio visual Cayetana party below.

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