Tune: Surf Rock is Dead – “Zen A”

February 18, 2015

Dark in sound but bright in tone, “Zen A” is an exciting continuation of the musical output from Brooklyn duo Surf Rock is Dead. The ironic name hints at the quintessence of their sound: surf rock. For a band of only two, Kevin Pariso and Joel Witenberg really know how to fill a song with heaps of sound. I’ve been following Surf Rock is Dead since the release of their first jangly single, “Equinox” (below), and have yet to be disappointed. “Zen A” hollows out their shadowiest surf rock cavern yet. Its energy is derived from slightly offset, repetitious guitar lines that burgeon with intensity cut only by Witenberg’s soaring voice. Lingering in a contradictory balance of sunny buoyancy and pensive burden, the surf-infused layers will wash over your ears with determined drive. I hope to hear more from Surf Rock is Dead very soon, maybe even an EP.

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