Tune: SACRED PAWS – “Vince”

February 9, 2015

Jangly guitar abounds in the UK duo SACRED PAWS’ new song “Vince.” Having played in other bands together and separately in Golden Grrrls and Trash Kit, Rachel Aggs and Eilidh Rodgers are no stranger to creating music but have branched out to new sounds with their work as SACRED PAWS. “Vince” is a swift number with short, decisive riffs and a boisterous¬†chorus, adequately crafting a full sound from the two member band. The duality of the song’s declarative vocals and bouncing guitar lines enhances the jovial tune, making for a more intriguing listen. Minus a few demos and a released tracks, ‘Vince” is SACRED PAWS first official single to kick off their debut Six Songs EP out March 16th on 12″ vinyl and download via Rock Action Records.

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