Tune: Morning Harvey – “T.I.D.E.”

February 26, 2015

This Morning Harvey track is the current provider of our warmth in this extra cold winter. Started by frontman Spencer White back in 2011, the now five-piece band has been releasing music and playing shows around Brisbane for a good while. “T.I.D.E” itself is from 2014. But, it’s too delightful not to bring up again. Droning repetition in the form of harmonized hooks smoothly ease their way through a warm, psychedelic haze of rock with a particularly Brisbane tinge. Moving slowly forward, “T.I.D.E” is a song that will fill all your sonic spaces with a welcoming glow. Hear more from Morning Harvey below.

(Lewis and Spencer take on a different sound in Brisbane supergroup Orphans Orphans which I would highly recommend as well!)

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