Split: Clique // Loose Tooth // Ghost Gum // Mumblr

February 17, 2015

The new four-way split from Fleeting Youth Records is a superb sampler of the well-rounded punk scene alive in Philly. CLIQUE get things started with “Wishful Thinking,” a noisy number that builds in a droning walls of sound. Loose Tooth‘s “Lizzy” got a bit of a face lift from its original release, sounding tighter as it runs rampant with short, bursts of raging guitar and slightly screamed lyrics. Soaked in copious amounts of reverb,  Ghost Gum echo in a swirling ball of angsty female vocals and shoegaze guitars that “just keep repeating.” Rounding out the collection, Mumblr master control in the intricacies of their guitar lines stitched together by Nick Morrison’s eery falsetto and a humming bass on “Champion.”

The cassette release show featuring all four bands will be at First Unitarian Church on Friday. If you like sweating and solid Philly punk music, you’re sure to have an excellent time.

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