Swell Lists

Playlist: Rocky Road

February 20, 2015

From love to hate and lust to disgust, the rocky road of relationships is so well traveled they named a flavor of ice cream after it. Like a large bowl of this sweet, refreshing treat, true love takes time and can fill you with conflicting feelings of bliss, guilt, obsession, and doubt. Sometimes delicious, sometimes sickening, the road to “happily ever after” is ridden with potholes. Covering all levels of tempos and tempers, this week’s playlist will guide you through the risky path of passion. Made for all of the hearts beating and breaking, the rising and falling of the mixes and raw vocals bring the all too familiar feelings of intense connections. With lyrics you swear were plucked straight from your own scattered thoughts and guitars as distorted as your perception of love, these tracks will have you grabbing a spoon and coming back for seconds.

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