EP: The Ricardos – Pest

February 23, 2015

Smashing through noisy, lo-fi, garage rock, Arizona’s The Ricardos deliver a raucous second EP.  Stepping up their recording quality and songwriting from EP #1, Isaac, Genesis, Tim, Matt and Matt loose themselves in half-screamed tales of transfixing vixens, impatience, and loosing control on their new Pest EP. This short, fuzzy, romping collection of songs rips through the lows of longing with just the right amount of repetition. Searing guitar lines in bright nostalgic tones take center stage in these tunes that range from rampant to relaxed. Filled with the everything there is to love about punk-tinged garage rock, this EP is another promising step towards a bright future for these young rabble-rousers. The Ricardos’ Pest EP is out now via Citrus City Records and Rubber Brother Records.

Favorite Track: I Won’t Wait

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