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Digging Deeper: Shrieks/Laish – “Poltergeist”

February 5, 2015

It’s a joy to learn about one artist from another. I was a having a Soundcloud exploration day today and came across this lovely little cover from London singer-songwriter Laish. By the title, it’s obvious that it is a cover but not a recognizable one. One glance down at the description lead to the song’s beautiful backstory which I think is best explained by Laish (Daniel Green) himself. Read a little history of and a listen to the original below.

“For the last who knows how many years I have recorded a song for my friend Rory’s birthday. This time I did a cover of one of my favourite of his tunes, Poltergeist. Over the years Rory has released a plethora (ahem) of music under various guises. He released lo-fi songs with me under the name Nachmi, then we had unlistenable noise jams with myself and Adam Thomas as Over Kodiak. As ocdc, noise tone poems, sweet little piano suites dedicated to various women, and some truly cracking lo-fi indie pop songs. An EP or two of full band Brighton indie folk frolicking with Dancehalls. Next up some more cracking guitar pop through the moniker, Shrieks and then some joke tribute songs written with me as Golden Twat. The man’s a fricking genius and my version of Poltergeist was an attempt to capture his lo-fi spirit. I recorded everything in one afternoon, mixing in the evening and a final mix in the morning. I also decided to stay true to my own recorded beginnings and use only acoustic guitar, melodica and some lightly sprinkled percussion. A dollop of Hellman’s and you’re away. May have got some of the words wrong. It’s what the man would have wanted.

Contributions of voice and violin by Talitha Gamaroff and bass by, of course, Patrick Lawrence.

Rory Dickenson, we salute you. Here’s some links, most recent first. x”






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