Album: Plums – Jen

February 18, 2015

One listen and I was instantly addicted to the new album from Massachusetts’ Plums. Who knew purple fruit could make such soothing bedroom pop? There is a lot going on over the course of Jen. Elements of new wave, psychedelic, dream pop, and even shoegaze swirl amongst the various tracks, all united in a goal to be as dreamy as possible. Like any good album, each song distinguishes itself entirely from the rest while melding perfecting into the lulling collection as a whole. “Julia Gloria” and “Room Song” linger listlessly over a web of electric and acoustic guitar while “Fine Madeline” and “Parking Lots” take a crisper approach with driving basslines boosted by drums. Even the bursting interjections of sound (“Jen” and “They Love Me They Love Me”) are intriguing and melodic as they spiral outward with control.  Spend your next 20 minutes dreaming of Plums.

Favorite Tracks: Julia Gloria & Parking Lots

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