Album: Lightning Bug – Floaters

February 4, 2015

Lightning Bug have released a new collection of songs that ripple with echoes of dappled sunlight and shadowy isolation. Floaters is the latest, dreamy addition to the musical output of Inwood-based musician Audrey Kang. Filled with dreams, memories, and all the mind wanderings in between, the album delves deeply into an amalgamation of dream pop, psychedelic pop, shoegaze, ambient pop and hint of a crunchy indie rock (“Labyrinth Song”). Colored with intricate instrumentation, the album connects Kang’s inner reflections with demure melodies, following unexpected paths through walls of reverb-soaked guitar and ballooning synths. Delicate ballads “Sparrow” and “Real Love” balance the ambient force of “Gaslight” and hazy, upbeat “Bobby.” Rotating from roaring to contemplative, “Luminous Veil” presents possibly the finest example of Kang and crew’s ability to finesse their particular sound into something that is both accessible and artful. Floaters will sweep you away in just one listen.

Favorite Tracks: Luminous Veil & Bobby

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