Video: Side Saddle – “Halcyon”

January 8, 2015

Take an adorable tour of Astoria with Side Saddle‘s newest video clip! Side Saddle is Astoria’s resident purveyor of a sweet folk, country, and indie pop combination sound. While many have sighted them as being a combination of Death Cab for Cutie and Mumford and Sons, I think that doesn’t accurately give a full picture of what they sonically have to offer. Frontman and songwriter, Ian McGuinness, has a unique voice but such a kind that seems inviting on first listen. He has a gift for personal, little love songs that sync to varying rhythms and tell stories that feel like pages from a diary. His songwriting is enhanced by glimmering harmonies, driving guitar, and percussion from the rest of Side Saddle on their debut LP appropriately named The Astorian (below).

“Halycon,” my personal favorite tack off the album, has just gotten it’s own video clip. Shot and edited by Jordan Roberts, the video is described by the band as their “visual love letter to Astoria.” Much like creating their own episode of Friends, the band take you on a tour of the leafy green charm of their home. An enchanting clip filled the warmth and personality resonating from the song, “Halycon” is the perfect antidote to a frigid winter day.

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