Video: Petite Meller – “Baby Love”

January 29, 2015

French pop artist Petite Meller has paired her infectious new track with stunning, vibrant visuals. Making French, femme pop into something a little less avant-garde and a bit more welcoming is an often difficult task that Meller accomplishes with a peculiarly flirty flair, especially on “Baby Love.” Tribal rhythms beat against syncopated synths, roaring sax solos and the delicacy of Meller’s voice to create a stadium-filling pop tune with approachable brilliance. Set amongst pastel and subdued-hued, African scenes, the video places Meller at the forefront in high fashion and bright colors as her video companions dance and or graze around her in matching outfits and spots. It really walks that line of weird and wonderful in a mesmerizing way that implies repetition.


Pour Les Filles De L’Afrique…

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