Video: Kagu – “Shadow of the Wind”

January 15, 2015

It’s easy to get lost in the latest track from Kagu.¬†Arising from the 2014 downfall of Australian indie pop band Snakadaktal, Kagu is the solo project of the former band’s male vocalist and guitarist Sean Heathcliff. His debut single, “Shadow of the Wind,” has been providing a dreamy, wistful soundtrack to my long winter drives since it’s release in December. In “Shadow of the Wind,” Heathcliff keeps all of the mellowed, vacillating guitar riffs and the swirling, sea-inspired soundscape made famous by Snakadaktal but slows it down for a more patient and uninhibited sound. The song’s new clip, edited together by Lucy McCallum, conjures enchanting surrealism by smashing together clips from old movies, including moon faces, a troop of acrobats, fiery swords, and a fair maiden on the moon.

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